Our Vision

To provide growth on demand.

Our Mission

To create a platform solution that automates and simplifies demand generation and allows all marketers to generate growth with guaranteed results.

Who we are

For many companies, generating inbound leads means building out intricate marketing mixes, counting on media buying strategies that are impossible to scale, managing disjointed campaigns, testing, falling short, suffering from lack of proper attribution, and eventually ending up with grim closing rates.

For our clients, generating inbound leads means flipping on the Genly campaigns and watching demos, wins, and revenue roll in.

Genly is every marketer's dream tool. The Genly platform exists to feed your sales funnel with highly qualified inbound leads generated from targeted digital ad campaigns. The inbound leads generated from your campaigns will be sales-ready and consistently result in high demo set and win rates you can easily track and attribute. And with a CPL pricing model, Genly eliminates all risk from your demand generation budget and guarantees that your digital campaigns will perform.

Located in Santa Monica, in the heart of Silicon Beach, Genly is led by a passionate team of marketing and tech wizards who dream big and work hard as we continue to disrupt the martech industry with Genly's game-changing demand generation solution.

Genly is redefining growth and programmatic demand generation. Join the winning team. Become a marketing champion.

Management Team

  • Oz Porat
    Oz Porat CEO & Founder
  • Karen Porat
    Karen Porat Co-Founder & Head of Brand
  • Andrew Belous
    Andrew Belous CTO
  • Vanessa Castiglioni
    Vanessa Castiglioni VP of Operations
  • Ari Gordon
    Ari Gordon Business Development Director
  • Stephanie Benson
    Stephanie Benson Marketing Director

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We're an innovative and driven team of go-getters that work hard, dream big, love life, and have a lot of fun. Interested in joining our team?

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