It's every B2B marketer's dream tool. Create an account, and start launching digital ads that target your ideal B2B audience across consumer channels. Genly provides both self-serve and managed services, depending on your budget and goals. Don't drain your budget on platform or data fees - simply leverage Genly and pay per click while driving qualified traffic that performs to your website. It really is that simple.

For self-serve users, Genly charges by cost per click - all tech and data fees included, and no minimum budgets.

For managed services, Genly charges by cost per qualified lead. All tech, data, creative and media charges are included for the qualified leads we deliver you.

Genly creates targeted profession-based audiences based on job titles, so the sky's the limit as far as industries you'll have access to. Our current audiences are listed here. We are constantly creating new audiences and lists for our clients, so if you don't see what you need, we can customize a new audience based on your needs.

Genly currently integrates with SugarMarket, SugarCRM, and webhooks directly, and Salesforce, Marketo, Infusionsoft, Zoho, etc. using Zapier webhooks.

Absolutely. Ensuring that you nurture your Genly leads is our top priority. Genly integrates with HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more.

Genly is integrated with all of the top ad networks. Your ads will be shown on Facebook, Instagram, Yahoo, Quora, and thousands of display placements, depending on your campaign goals and target audience. A Genly game-changer is that since we run exclusively digital ad campaigns, you are able to merge digital media costs and lead gen costs into a singular expense.

Not at all. Genly is not a “social media program.” Our campaigns are launched ONLY to the pre-determined, custom-crafted target audience that you choose. We then launch your ads across all channels so that only that specific audience can view the ads or engage with your brand and content.

Never. The Genly marketing wizards do the research needed to understand your branding requirements and your audience, and create all of your campaigns at no additional cost to you. We cannot stress this point enough...you are only paying for your leads!

Not at all. Genly is actually another channel you can use to feed your ABM strategy and can give deep insights into conversion and revenue. We can create an audience based on your target account list (if it's too small, we can supplement it with users that fit your Ideal Client Profile). We then launch your cross-channel campaigns on social, display and native networks to generate inbound leads that get routed to your CRM. Once there, they are sales-ready, but can also be routed into a nurture campaign and continue within your pre-existing ABM funnel.