It’s very easy! Simply select your campaign goals and exact target market using our Free Marketing Profile and Genly will create custom landing pages, ads, and advertising campaigns to deliver guaranteed qualified inbounds leads for your service/product.

Based on your campaign requirements/specifications, Genly creates custom content, landing pages, and ads for your review. Once approved, your advertising campaigns will be launched on thousands of websites across various platforms: social, native, and display.

Yes. Our Precise profession-based audiences pre-qualify all leads generated through Genly. Want more qualification than a profession? No problem. Simply adjust your custom form fields to ask the questions you need to help qualify the lead further.

Of course! How else would you be able to track your Genly leads-to-sales win rate? Genly integrates with Salesforce, Marketo, Infusionsoft, Zoho, etc.

Yes. You better make sure you're nurturing your Genly leads! Genly integrates with HubSpot, Mailchimp, Constant Contact and more.

Are you ready for this? Honestly, you just need to be a great marketer. Gone are the days where AdTech folks rule the digital landscape. Genly empowers marketers to generate growth on demand through brilliant and creative marketing messages, not setting up complicated pixels or Google Tag Managers.

Genly is integrated with the top ad networks in the world. Your ads will be shown on social, native, and/or display networks, depending on your campaign goals.

No way! Genly creates all the landing pages and ads at no cost to you!

Guaranteed results, risk-free. With over 200M impressions served and 150,000 qualified leads delivered, we’ve developed a platform that eliminates risk from demand generation and guarantees campaign performance. Whether your marketing goal is to increase inbound sales, marketing qualified leads, branding, content amplification, or social presence, utilize the Genly platform to execute your vision and achieve your desired results.

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