Generate qualified leads that convert into wins.

Genly is a scalable, predictable, and risk-free qualified inbound lead solution that allows you to launch demand generation campaigns in minutes.

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Control Volume and Pace

Genly’s Growth on Demand solution gives you control to “turn on and off” the faucet of inbound leads.

High Quality Leads

Deterministic audiences of your ideal target market generates highly qualified inbound leads.

Full Funnel Attribution

Lead journey dashboard attributes leads, demo sets and wins all the way back to the originating audience/click/ad.

Discover a New Way of Generating Qualified Leads

Launch Digital Inbound Campaigns in Minutes

Enter your campaign goal, audience, and marketing messages. Genly automatically creates end-to-end advertising campaigns that include highly converting landing pages and ads for all digital channels.

Qualified Audiences

Genly creates digital audiences defined by your unique target market and links them to advertising networks on social, display and native channels.

Highly qualified audience = Highly qualified leads that convert into wins.

AI Campaign

AI bots optimize campaigns and media buy based on which audiences, ads, and landing pages convert into wins - leading to increased ROI as your campaigns continue to run and create more data points.

Click to Win Attribution

Full-funnel attribution shows real-time data of which leads, demo sets and wins came from what audience, ad, and landing page.

Pay Per Lead

Convenient CPL (cost per lead) model allows you to pay per lead and includes all media spend, creative costs, campaign management/optimization, and click to win tracking.

Brand Reach

Genly inbound campaigns run across all digital channels (social, native, display) creating an omnipresent effect on your brand while increasing awareness, engagement, authority, and sales.

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Hear how much our customer’s have grown

We rely on Genly as a trusted partner to our business as we grow quickly into a household name for doctors and dentists.

Jared Jost
VP of Marketing

We knew we had a sales team that could convert, but needed to give them more quality inbound leads.

Jordan Decker
Director, Demand Generation

Genly is the all-in-one solution that I have come to depend on in order to see ROI on my digital media budget.

Jenny Simpson
Product Manager

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