Scale Your Growth
With Full-Funnel Demand

Reach professionals through consumer channels, engage with your ideal customers, and generate high-intent inbound qualified leads.

220k+ Leads

100M+ Pipeline

133% ROI

Fill your pipeline with
high-intent inbound demand

Target your ideal
prospects by job title,
industry and firmographics

Craft your exact audience from 142 million US professionals. Filter users by your qualification needs, including professions, job titles, industry, and firmographics. Genly will onboard the audience to a variety of advertising networks and match its users to the platform’s IDs to create a highly accurate and cookie-less audience.

Launch social, native and
display ads from one

Use programmatic ads to raise awareness, engage with your target market and generate highly qualified inbound leads.

Spend your budget
with a guaranteed CPL

Eliminate media risk and budget waste by launching your digital ads via Genly with a guaranteed CPL. Genly media bots will auto-optimize your ads and placements, shut down low performing ads before they damage your budget and optimize your CPL to hit your goals for both cost and quantity of leads.

Optimize performance with
real-time attribution

Attribute leads to ads, landing pages and marketing messages with an intuitive interface that needs no technical expertise. Simply log in to Genly and see your performance with leads information for past and running campaigns.

Jared Jost
VP of Marketing

We rely on Genly as a trusted partner to our business as we grow quickly into a household name for doctors and dentists.

Jenny Simpson
Product Manager

Genly is the all-in-one solution that I have come to depend on in order to see ROI on my digital media budget.