Generating Qualified Leads
Has Never Been This Easy

How Genly does its magic

Create Campaigns 01

5 mins of your time.

a. Choose your campaign goal (e.g. demo request, asset download, sample request, webinar or event registration, etc.).

b. Choose your audience based on your ideal target market segment (profession, firmographics, etc.).

c. Set your budget and schedule.

Build Landing
Pages + Ads 02

10 mins of your time.

Use Genly’s creative builder to set up highly-converting landing pages and ads that are chosen based on your campaign goal - No technical skills needed.

Reach Your Audience 03

0 mins of your time.

Genly launches full funnel campaigns across all digital channels (social, search, native, display) creating an omnipresent effect on your brand while increasing awareness, engagement, and authority.

Generate Demand 04

0 mins of your time.

Your campaigns drive targeted users to your landing pages and converts them into inbound leads.

Insights + Attribution 05

0 mins of your time.

Genly integrates with your CRM to track the lead journey and provides full funnel attribution for which click/ad/landing page/asset resulted in a demo set or win.

Optimize for Wins 06

0 mins of your time.

Based on your campaign performance, Genly automatically optimizes the media buy and shifts budgets to better performing assets and creative based on your wins and demo sets.

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