How the Genly magic happens

Define Your Campaign Goals 01


a. Select your highly qualified audience based on your ideal target market segment (profession, firmographics, etc).

b. Choose your campaign offer

c. Set your guaranteed lead quota and budget

Approve Your Campaigns 02


The Genly digital marketing team applies their knowledge and expertise of your industry to create your winning campaign.

Run Digital Ad Campaigns to
Your Target Audience 03


Launch digital advertising campaigns from Genly to your target audience on all major digital ad channels across social, display and native networks, delivering your branded message and offer to the most relevant people for your brand.

Start Generating Your Highly
Qualified Inbound Leads 04


Your digital campaigns drive profession-targeted users to your branded offers and convert them into high quality inbound leads.

Real Time Access to Insights + Attribution 05


Genly integrates seamlessly with your CRM to track the lead journey in your Genly dashboard and provides full funnel attribution for which ads, offers, and messages are resulting in demo sets and wins.

Optimize for Wins 06


Based on which campaigns are yielding ROI, Genly’s AI bots continuously optimize the media buy and shift budget to your best-performing assets and creative.

Hit Your Growth Goals 07


Genly’s qualified inbound leads ensure you hit and exceed your marketing KPIs and become a marketing champion.

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qualified leads that convert?

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