How the Genly magic happens

Genly Crafts a Digital Audience Specifically For You 01


Create digital audiences filtered by users' profession, job title, SIC, and firmographics. Genly links these audiences to consumer channels for reaching them with digital ads.

Launch High-Frequency Awareness Campaign 02


We use digital ads to raise awareness and build trust in your brand among your audience. Establish a strong, omnipresent presence and ensure your value propositions are top of mind for potential prospects

Generate Demand with Gated Content Leads03


Filter prospect interests through gated content lead campaigns. Educate your audience and build authority while using the content as a filter for prospect interest. This campaign produces a high volume of marketing-qualified leads (Mql).

Launch email campaign to nurture the leads04


Genly helps optimize the email sequence to convert leads into sales opportunities. We review the email content and provide a list of recommendations, including which case studies, webinars, and special offers you should promote.

Generate Sales Qualified Leads05


Leveraging retargeting ads, Genly reengage prospects who showed interest in your content and convert them into sales ready leads.

Optimize Sales/BDR efforts to maximize ROI 06


Leveraging our experience of working with more than 120 brands, Genly consults its clients to create optimized outreach scripts for converting MQLs into SQLs, making sure our clients hit both their Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) goals.

Real-Time Access to Insights + Attribution 07


Genly integrates seamlessly with your CRM to push lead notification in real-time and track your prospects from ads to wins.