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About Genly

Established in 2015, Genly is a technology-empowered agency that focuses on full-funnel demand generation for B2B companies. Leveraging our data network, Genly can access data on 140 million professionals in the USA and craft custom segments based on our clients' Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). We then utilize our platform to create extremely accurate digital audiences and harness our agency to provide full services for launching awareness, demand generation, and remarketing campaigns. In addition to our services, our platform provides a real-time dashboard for campaign performance and lead attribution, offering complete transparency 24/7."


“We had a sales team that could convert, but needed to give them more quality inbound leads.”

-Jordan Decker, VP Demand
Generation, PatientPop


higher demo set rate than other content channels


return on investment


inbound leads generated





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Learn more about Genly