How PatientPop Generated Tens of Thousands of Qualified Sales Leads

PatientPop drives results for practices with an online platform designed specifically for healthcare providers, focusing on practice growth, patient acquisition and reputation management solutions.


PatientPop, one of the fastest-growing companies in America, was in hypergrowth mode and needed to generate demand for its #1 rated practice growth technology, fast. Searching for the best method, PatientPop tested out demand generation solutions across many channels—including social media, content syndication, and paid search—but found none of these could provide a predictable quantity of high-quality inbound leads with an optimal lead-to-demo set rate. The PatientPop demand generation team continued the search for a better solution. VP Demand Generation Jordan Decker explains, “We had a sales team that could convert, but needed to give them more quality inbound leads.”


“We had a sales team that could convert, but needed to give them more quality inbound leads.”

-Jordan Decker, VP Demand
Generation, PatientPop


Genly developed a cost-per-lead (CPL), on-demand inbound lead generation program, allowing PatientPop to simply choose a quantity, i.e. 1,775 leads, for any given month with a guaranteed deliverable of qualified, highly-converting inbound leads..”


higher demo set rate than other content channels


return on investment


average YoY growth in lead volume delivered to PatientPop





Hypergrowth Companies Should Follow These 4 Steps to Generate High-Quality Inbound Leads:

  • 1Reach the Ideal Target Market with Precise Targeting: PatientPop identified its ideal target market and Genly created a custom deterministic audience with extremely high accuracy. With the understanding that optimal quality will be achieved by reaching the right target market, PatientPop identified Genly’s lead-to-demo set rate was outperforming the other traditional content syndication channels by 350%.
  • 2Create High Conversion Inbound Advertising Campaigns: Genly created hundreds of high conversion landing pages and thousands of high-performing, high click-through ads. All Genly’s creative services are included in the price per lead. With more than 120k leads generated to date, Genly’s proprietary lead generation solution creates highly-converting landing pages and highly clicked-on ads.
  • 3Create an Omnipresence: Genly is integrated with all major advertising channels, which allows Genly to promote PatientPop lead generating advertising campaigns across all networks, reaching its target market everywhere they go online. Genly launched advertising campaigns across multiple digital ad networks, serving millions of impressions per month to promote the PatientPop brand, raise awareness, educate the market, and build authority. Media buy was provided by Genly’s AI component and was optimized with the help of PatientPop based on its sales team’s performance. This strategy is a breakthrough for hypergrowth companies considering most media buying is only optimized using CTR and conversion rate.
  • 4Set Up a Scalable Demand Generation Forecast—and Get Guaranteed Results: Genly optimized its effort to provide PatientPop with a reliable source of leads in terms of quantity and quality. PatientPop has quarterly goals that it relays to Genly—it’s as simple as asking for a specific number of leads per month. PatientPop likes to think of Genly as a faucet that allows it to turn lead volume up and down as needed.


Genly has created an on-demand cost-per-lead inbound lead generation program for PatientPop that generated tens of thousands of qualified inbound leads with high demo set rates and win rates.

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