Built for you to win.

  •  Launch inbound lead generation campaigns in minutes.
  •  Real-time view for creative performance and leads information.
  •  Track & optimize wins & demo sets by ad, offer, landing page, and sales person.
  •  Built in CRM integrations, leads notifications, and scheduled reports.

Guaranteed Results with
CPL Pricing - Risk Free

With over 200M impressions served and 150,000 qualified leads delivered, we’ve developed a platform that eliminates risk from demand generation and guarantees campaign performance.

Whether your marketing goal is to increase inbound sales, marketing qualified leads, branding, content amplification, or social presence — utilize the Genly platform to execute your vision and achieve your desired results.

Set Up Campaigns
in Minutes

  • Use qualified audiences.
  • Control leads quantity and pace.
  • Automatically create landing pages and ads. No creative skills needed.

Real Time View of Landing
Pages & Ads Performance

Attribute leads to ads & landing pages:

  • View CTR per Ad.
  • View CTR per Landing Pages.
  • View Ads and corresponding Landing Pages together.

Full Funnel &
Real Time Reporting

Gain insights into your full marketing lifecycle from first click to revenue generated. Eliminate the guesswork for marketing attribution. Genly gives you all the insights and data you need to know to assess your campaigns.

Manage Leads and Reports

  • CRM Integration
  • E-mail Notifications
  • Download/Set-up Performance Reports

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