Why Genly?

Growth Will Never Be the Same

The struggle is real - building out intricate marketing mixes, overseeing robust content strategies, managing disjointed campaigns, testing, falling short, dealing with poor attribution, and eventually ending up with grim closing rates.

Bypass the arduous cycle and go straight to Genly to feed your sales funnel with qualified inbound leads that result in high demo set and win rates.

Genly’s automated lead generation platform not only does everything for you, but is built guaranteed to succeed. Genly’s back-end links highly targeted and deterministic audiences, creates highly converting ads and landing pages, optimizes campaigns based on which clicks resulted in leads and sales, and attributes every win all the way back to the originating click.

All you have to do is choose how many qualified leads you need this month and Genly takes care of the rest.

Genly is redefining growth - join the revolution.

Genly takes the heavy lifting so that you can reach your goals without all the hassle.

Your Journey

Create a Genly campaign.

Choose your target audience.

Choose the amount of qualified
leads you want this month.

Check Genly’s dashboard to
track performance and lead flow.

That’s it!

Genly’s Journey

Genly creates highly qualified
custom audiences based on your goals.

Links audiences to digital channels.

Develops highly converting ads
and landing pages for all digital channels.

Manages advertising campaigns on
social, native and display networks.

Integrates all digital campaigns to your CRM.

Attributes which demo sets and wins
came from which campaigns/ads/audience.

Optimizes campaigns based on demo sets and wins.

Delivers real-time lead notification and reporting.

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Hear how much our customer’s have grown

We rely on Genly as a trusted partner to our business as we grow quickly into a household name for doctors and dentists.

Jared Jost
VP of Marketing

We knew we had a sales team that could convert, but needed to give them more quality inbound leads.

Jordan Decker
Director, Demand Generation

Genly is the all-in-one solution that I have come to depend on in order to see ROI on my digital media budget.

Jenny Simpson
Product Manager

Ready to generate
qualified leads that convert?

A member of our sales team will contact you shortly to help set-up your Genly profile. Get ready for growth!